Choose the Right Business Broker

Choose the Right Business Broker

Business owners, please be mindful of ‘experts’ offering to provide valuations or market appraisals of your business using so called industry research or a fill in the blanks software program.

There are no central repositories where the sale prices of privately owned, small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) are recorded, therefore it is virtually impossible to get genuine sales data unless…… unless the people providing the valuation or market appraisal are the same people who actually sell businesses like yours.

Time and time again we meet business owners who have paid out $1,000’s of dollars for glossy reports full of pie charts and industry data from Ibisworld, etc. but no comparative sales information.

It’s very easy to find out if you are dealing with a genuine expert, ask them about the businesses they have sold that are similar to yours.

That is why one of the most popular pages on our website is

Anyone can hand out (and charge for) ‘business’ advice, just make sure the advice you get is based on fact, no theory.

P.S. We rarely charge for market appraisals and ALL of our appraisals include comparative sales data.