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You Are Viewing Manufacturing Businesses Under $800,000.

Manufacturing-Blow Moulding (VIC) PRICE REDUCED

REF#: GR846

This long established business has invested in high quality equipment and moulds with capabilities of making a large range of plastics products. The customers are end users and resellers which are spread across many industry sectors such as automotive, agriculture, retail, government and chemical.

  • Large majority of customers are located in Victoria
  • Established in 1986
  • Operating in a strong niche market and has built a fantastic base
  • Has a long term contract in place
  • Large premises with flexibility
  • The owners have other business interests and work minimal hours in this business

The business has mainly relied on staff to run the day to day operations so we envisage a fully committed, “hands on” person who has experience in plastics manufacturing would be an ideal purchaser or would it be a valuable addition to an existing manufacturing business.

Price NOW: $145,000 + SAV ($25,000)

Contact Gary Ralph
email or (03) 9885 3088

Plastics Fabrication & Manufacturing (VIC)


The business specialises in engineering and manufacturing a large range of plastics products used for engineering, industrial and commercial applications. The customers are end users which are spread across many industry sectors such as engineering, construction, hospitality, automotive, building, retail and electrical.

The business will need to be relocated to another warehouse facility, around 400-500m2 would be suitable.

  • Large majority of customers are located in Victoria
  • Established in 1988
  • Owners retiring
  • All products are manufactured in-house, the business does not do any on-site installations
  • The owners are involved in this business on a part time basis

The business has mainly relied on staff to run the day to day operations so we envisage a fully committed, “hands on” person who has experience in plastics manufacturing would be an ideal purchaser or would it be a valuable addition to an existing manufacturing or fabrication business.

Price: $150,000 + SAV ($95,000)

Contact Gary Ralph
email or (03) 9885 3088

Food Manufacturing – BOLT ON ONLY (VIC) NEW

REF#: WM359

NOTE: This business must be relocated into an existing food manufacturing business with HACCP accreditation and access to refrigerated transport

This is a profitable division of a larger food manufacturer. The sale will free up much needed space for the owner to expand their main operations.

There are two primary ranges – both are savoury products, one ‘wet’ and one baked.

Total division sales are in excess of $400K pa with excellent margins.

The net contribution after COGS, labour and expenses should be at least $120K pa for the new owner.

The products have been established for 15+ years and the sale includes all recipes, machinery, domain name (not used) and social media.

This is a perfect addition to a food manufacturer looking to expand by acquisition and we believe new, enthusiastic owners will easily improve sale and profits with a little sales and marketing activity.

Price: $280,000 + SAV ($10,000)

Contact Wayne Marlow
email or (03) 9885 3088

Plastic Injection Moulding (VIC) AGREED SALE

REF#: WM354

Long Established Business – Absentee Owner

Same owner since the mid 1990’s, this well equipped custom moulder is an ideal bolt-on to an existing plastics business.

The owner moved toward retirement in 2014 and since that time the day to day has been handled by very capable management staff.

Unfortunately, the business lost a large customer at the start of 2018 and sales are now around $1.2 mil PA, down from around $1.8 mil PA.

Adjustments have been made and things are back on track but the historical figures are now irrelevant, so this business is unlikely to be suitable for a first time buyer or a buyer who needs to have a great set of figures to satisfy their accountant or a bank….!

What it does mean is that experienced operators have a chance to pick up a business with 10 machines ranging from 80 to 480 tonne capacity, more than a million dollars of profitable work and a very competent workforce including Production and Admin managers.

You can leave it in it’s current location or relocate to your existing premises.

Price: $495,000 + SAV ($70,000)

Contact Wayne Marlow
email or (03) 9885 3088

Aluminium Fabrication (VIC) PRICE REDUCED


High Quality Commercial Doors and Windows

Excellent business supplying builders and other window companies with products for commercial and high end residential requirements.

The business DOES NOT produce low quality/high volume doors and windows for mass markets.

T/O has been growing every year and sales for the 17/18 year were $1.2 mil with a profit to one full time owner/operator of around $250K.

The business is very well equipped and can easily continue to grow well into the future without the need for further investment in machinery.

This is a perfect business for a suitably qualified person, partners or a family and offers a sold base to build into a substantial building product supplier.

Or add it on to your existing metal fabrication operation.

Price NOW: $350,000 + SAV ($25,000)

Contact Wayne Marlow
email or (03) 9885 3088

Looking for a Well Structured & Profitable Engineering Business? (VIC) NEW

REF#: PS485

… one that has extensive skills and capabilities in both manufacturing high performance equipment and maintaining essential plant and equipment for ‘blue-chip’ industrial customers.

If you were drawing up a list of the key criteria in attributes for such a business you would surely list what this business offers such as:

  • ISO 9001 accreditation
  • >20 years of successful operation … reflected in attractive profitability
  • An excellent brand and reputation
  • A regular / repeat base of top quality customers
  • An Infrastructure of capable / skilled employees and P&E
  • Owner wanting to retire BUT senior operations management staying on

The business produces and maintains equipment such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, air coolers, shop built tanks etc but also has significant capabilities in other active markets.

You will be impressed by the customer base who rely on the business for their ‘must have’ maintenance and equipment needs.

Price: $640,000 + SAV ($10,000)

Contact Peter Stark
email or (03) 9885 3088

Commercial Joinery – Retail and Office Fitout Specialist (VIC) PRICE REDUCED


This business was established by the current owner in the late 1990’s and is a very well known and extremely well equipped commercial joinery servicing a enviable client base around Victoria.

T/O is around $2.9 million and the profit to the owner has averaged around $380K PA for the last 3 years.

The client base is very diverse and the business has various channels to market, so it rarely suffers from the ‘ups and downs’ commonly associated with the building industry.

The owner is not a tradesman and his role is primarily general management, so we can confidently say that anyone with a basic understanding of production will be able to run this business.

In addition, there are several long term staff (including a production manager) making sure the factory runs smoothly.

Production is further aided by high quality European machinery – meaning the successful purchaser will have minimal capital expenditure it the foreseeable future.

The excellent business is ideal for owner operators or add it to an existing building industry operation.

Price NOW: $770,000 + SAV ($80,000)

Contact Wayne Marlow
email or (03) 9885 3088

You Are Viewing Manufacturing Businesses Over $800,000.

Engineering / Mechanical Maintenance – For Large Equipment (VIC)

REF#: PS484

If a business has been successfully operating for over 80 years and still operates well today …it must be doing something right … and that reflects great infrastructure, reputation and brand.

The national customers that it services are prominent in long-term essential markets such as:

  • Power generation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Steel processing
  • Shipping
  • Paper conversion … and more.

The common thread is that they all have large processing equipment that MUST have regular maintenance and overhauls.

To service and maintain larger processing equipment our business must have large / specialised plant & equipment. Very few competitors can match the array of P&E this business has.

Excellent equipment, employees, on-going management, modern premises.

Price: $1.075 mil + SAV ($10K)

Contact Peter Stark
email or (03) 9885 3088

Exceptional  Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Service Business (VIC) AGREED SALE


  • You will find it hard to better this as an acquisition
  • Own strong IP and Brand – built up over 25 years
  • National customers – approx. 500 regular
  • Selling into 15 + market sectors – that’s terrific in ‘spreading the risk’
  • Sales approx. $4.5 million pa – with good profitability
  • On-going committed management.

Focus is on Materials Handling (across many sub-sectors), Water Treatment, Gas handling and others … all have long-term economic positive outlooks. The product design specifically incorporates innovative ‘owned’ IP … there are substantial competitive advantages which builds strong ‘barriers to entry’. Modern premises and equipment, experienced employees and an expanding aftermarket. Senior managers want to work on. New owner needs to bring General Management skills (not a spanner in the pocket).

Price: $1.51 mil + SAV

Contact Peter Stark
email or (03) 9885 3088

Earthmoving & Agricultural Equipment – Regional VIC Location


Manufacturing, Sales & Service. Specialists in Hydraulics & Machine Control

This very long-established business manufactures a well-known range of large equipment for the earthmoving, civil construction and agricultural sectors.

The business also sells other equipment, spares & consumables and has a service department.

T/O for 17/18 was $5 million and on target to reach $5.7 million in 18/19

EBITDA is $1.1 million and growing.

The business has a strong repeat customer base and the 3 separate sales channels provide the business with a fantastic diversity of income.

Importantly, cash flow is excellent for a business of this type as around half of the sales are COD.

There is plenty of scope for future growth as demand increases domestically. Expansion into overseas markets is a realistic proposition.

The owner is looking to retire but is committed to providing the successful purchaser with a long generous handover to ensure continuity and on-going future success.  In addition, there are well trained staff in place throughout the operation who will stay on.

This is a very rare opportunity to secure a solid regional manufacturing business with an impressive track record, manufacturing its own branded range of machinery.

Price: $1.6 mil + SAV ($1.4 mil)

Contact Linda Foran
email or (03) 9885 3088

Manufacturing – Blue Chip Infrastructure Clients (VIC) PRICE REDUCED


The business has been established for more than 20+ years and services an impressive of clients base in the ever expanding infrastructure sector,

Modern, hi-tech plant and equipment means the business only requires a very small workforce.

All fabrication is done in-house, no on-site installations.

The business has minimal competition and is NOT connected to the boom and bust mining industry, so the workflow is regular and consistent.

Sales average $1.7m per annum with excellent profits.

The owner would consider remaining with the business after settlement as an employee or consultancy role.

The business is ideal for a suitably qualified owner/operator or would be a valuable addition to an existing engineering or fabrication business.

Price: $1.79 mil + SAV ($90K)

Contact Gary Ralph
email or (03) 9885 3088

Industrial Services (VIC) NEW


• Sales are around $6.75 mil PA and growing year on year.
• EBITDA is just under $1.0mil PA and growing exponentially
• Broad client base, spread across numerous industry sectors
• Well trained and skilled workforce
• Equipment value in excess of $1.0mil

The business has a broad range of large & small clients across manufacturing, engineering, transport, construction and many other fields.

The owners have always invested in the best quality equipment, so there is very little capital expenditure required in the medium term.

The factory can easily perform a large variety of services and giving the business strong competitive advantages.

The owners are looking to semi-retire but will consider remaining with the business in part time consultancy roles.

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a first-class, well equipped business with a strong growth history and huge future prospects.

Price: $2.8 mil + SAV ($100K)

Contact Gary Ralph
email or (03) 9885 3088

Services to Manufacturers (VIC) NEW

REF#: WM358

Established in the early 1990’s, this business has achieved continued sales and profit growth with no sales reps and virtually no advertising or marketing activity.

However, what is has done is provide high quality work to a huge customer base spread across many sectors including metal fabrication, engineering, medical, civil engineering, construction, light and heavy industry and lots of others.

The business has excellent equipment, systems and processes but the main thing that sets it apart from others is internationally backed accreditation. This hard to get accreditation enables the business to win large, high margin work that most competitors can only dream about!

The part time (approx. 60% FTE) owner’s role is mainly high level supervision, HR and financial control and most of the day to day running is handled by experienced management, admin and production staff.

T/O in 17/18 was around $6.5 mil PA with an EBITDA of $1.1 mil and the 18/19 year is heading toward $7.0 mil with an EBITDA of $1.2 mil+.

You don’t need a technical background to own this business – good commercial and GM skills will be ideal.

The business can easily continue as a profitable free standing operation or bolt it on to your existing business group.

So it’s got continued growth, great staff and equipment and a massive competitive advantage……will you find something better? We don’t think so!

Price: $3.95 mil + SAV ($80K)

Contact Wayne Marlow
email or (03) 9885 3088

Manufacturing and Services (VIC) NEW

REF#: WM363

This wonderfully diverse business offers services and products to a who’s who of international and Australian brands.

Clients are from across many FMCG sectors such as cosmetics, food, consumer electics, hardware, after market auto and many, many others.

Over the years the business has grown organically and via acquisition and today T/O is heading towards $10 mil with an EBITDA of $1.6 mil.

The owner is not involved in the day to day operation and the management (led by an experienced a general manager) and production staff have proven themselves to be extremely capable.

After more than 20 years the owner is now looking to move on to other business ventures but he is happy to provide a flexible handover and on going support to the successful purchaser.

This is a very rare opportunity to purchase a long established business with a blue chip client base, management staff in place and many avenues to grow.

Price: $4.25 mil + SAV ($700K)

Contact Wayne Marlow
email or (03) 9885 3088

Manufacturing / Engineering – Civil and Infrastructure Products (VIC) NEW


This business commenced operations nearly 70 years ago and has been operated by the second generation for the past 30 years.

The business operates in a strong niche with plenty of opportunity to expand in local and overseas markets.

The products are used by a variety of industries whose services will continue to be in high demand.

  • Sales in excess of $3.8M and growing
  • EBITDA around $1.8mil and growing
  • Authorised Agents in each state of Australia & New Zealand
  • National & International Customers
  • Competition is minimal
  • The business can be relocated virtually anywhere in Australia
  • Own Brand and Intellectual Property / design

The business would be an ideal bolt on to an existing engineering or fabrication business or alternatively the business would suite a single owner/operator, partners or family group.

This is a rare opportunity to secure an impressive successful manufacturing business with its own brand and huge local and international upside.

Price: $4.8 mil + SAV ($500K)

Contact Linda Foran
email or (03) 9885 3088

Viewing Manufacturing Businesses Under $800,000.
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