2014 Market Review

2014 Market Review

In business broking, the difference between a good year and a not so good year comes down to one thing………………….having good ‘stock’.

Good ‘stock’ simply means having a reasonable number of quality businesses for sale.

During 2012 and 2013 many business owners were reluctant to put their businesses on the market because they incorrectly believed that the poor economic climate would mean their businesses would be hard to sell.

The result was plenty of buyers but not many sellers. No sellers of course means not many businesses were sold.

But starting in early 2014 and continuing through the year, we finally saw some businesses come on the market.

Carbine Media, Moroday Products, Elgee Sheetmetal, Dominion Tapes, Action Packaging, Croft Polythene Greenhouses, TQ Plastics, Universal Forme, Outdeco, Nova Forge Caseworks, Rodon Transport, Polywrap, Hysport International and Allpac Packaging Supplies.

We sold all of these businesses fairly quickly, often to buyers who had been watching and waiting for something suitable to come along for a long time.

The result is that Marlow & Co has had a reasonably good 2014 and this momentum has continued to the present day.

So all we can say is “Bring on 2015!!”